29th May 2020 - Librairie Ombres Blanches
Bifurcations et other stories

Surrealism was never completely reassured in the face of the painting that claimed it. Critics have regularly passed through it, before and after the Second World War. The object offered surrealism a happy alternative. The object found, interpreted or not, the disturbed object, the mathematical object, the natural object, the natural object interpreted or incorporated, the «american» or «oceanian» object, the ready-made, aided or not, the surreal object finally, a whole typology, a whole poetic taxonomy where encounter, chance, the capacity for discernment and metamorphosis are enough to trigger the spark that suddenly lights the enchanted garland of things. It is in this luminous line that lies the plastic activity of Jean-Claude Biraben. Jazz musician, poet and maker of objects whose evidence is enigma, he wrote in five-legged wolves (Toulouse, 1997) this definitive haiku aphorism: «It is Louis Armstrong/ who has the first/ market on the Moon». 

Le Printemps de septembre is pleased to invite you to visit Jean-Claude Biraben’s exhibition at the Ombres Blanches bookshop, from May 29 to July 11, 2020.


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